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“Going out" the rapid expansion of overseas markets LED

U.S. Department of Energy on January 14 released a report , light-emitting diode (LED) lighting demand will increase by 7.4% per year ; as one of the worlds best lighting market , LED huge potential market size of the United States may declare the entire overseas LED market is being ushered in rapid expansion.

Industry watchers pointed out that the growth of demand in overseas markets stimulating effect has emerged in the second half of 2013 , and have a great chance to continue the momentum of rapid growth in exports , the domestic LED manufacturers overseas market penetration is expected to exceed the expected increase.

According to the U.S. Department of Energys argument , LED lighting by 2030 will reduce the loss of nearly half the U.S. energy consumption ; 2030, the areas of greatest potential for energy savings is the U.S. business world , followed by housing , two areas are expected to save 37 percent , respectively, and 34%. Even if the eye retracts the short term, the U.S. LED market demand growth is also expected coveted U.S. Department of Energy report is expected in 2016 the overall size of the U.S. lighting market will reach $ 25.1 billion .

Industry research firm noted that the global moratorium began in 2014 following 60-watt incandescent , LED replacement light pull effect obtained demand has begun to highlight in the second half of 2013 .

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