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Want to light up a football ground?

Football lighting is divided into on-site football ground lighting and off-site football ground lighting. First of all, we need to confirm which type we want to light.


The installation of lamps should be different in various venues.

The lighting standard should be determined according to the function of the football field, which can be divided into 7 levels:

1. Training and entertainment 200lx

2. Amateur competition 500lx

3. Professional competition 750lx

4. General TV broadcast 1000lx

5. Large scale international competition HD TV broadcast 1400lx

6. The auditorium on TV 750lx.


The football field is equipped with 1000W and 1500W LED projection lamps

1. It can be installed on the edge of the stand ceiling

2. The second way is to install it above the pole, and the pole is installed around the court;

According to the different lighting requirements of various courses, the number and power of lamps are determined; The following is a list of the general ways of laying high pole lamps for stadium lamps:

1. Light poles are set at the 4 corners of the court:

According to the uniform light distribution of the court, the light is distributed at the 4 corners of the court; 4 groups of LED lamps are installed, and 6 LED flood light are installed on each group of high pole lamps.


2. 4 groups of lamps are arranged on both sides of the football ground

Each group of lamp pole is equipped with 5 LED projection lamps, and the power is generally 1000W, 1500W or 2000W


3. 6 poles around the football ground


4. 8 poles around the football ground


Thelux LED flood lights, offer less UGR, with small beam angle, making the light effectively distributed on the football ground, reduce the glare of the human eyes.


Thelux LED flood lights, offer 145lm/W, with small beam angle, can offer high efficient lighting applications. Less lamps used, save more energy and reducing the construction difficulty.

Football ground artificial lighting Guide: FIFA.

The standard includes competition classification, lighting requirements, recommended values of lighting parameters, field lighting measurement and so on. It is the most complete and latest standard of artificial lighting in football ground at present.

The standard has been applied in the 2002 World Cup.

Article by Daled, Thelux China. In Foshan.

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