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Three points should be paid attention to when buying led down light

Many people buy LED downlights because they are more widely used, environmentally friendly, and have rich lighting effects, which can create different room atmospheres for buildings, but many people also have troubles. How to choose a good quality led down light.

How to buy led down light generally

1. First of all, look at the material composition of the outside. Generally, the material of the lamp is nothing more than iron sheet, die-cast aluminum, aluminum and stainless steel. Among them, the quality of stainless steel and aluminum will be better, and the price will be more expensive. Different materials have different light colors. We can choose the appropriate light color according to the main color of the home atmosphere.

2. Looking at the quality of the lamp beads, we need to understand the quality of the internal lamp beads in addition to the material of the external lamps. The LED chips sold in the market have different levels. We don't have to look for expensive imported products, just choose the ones that are suitable for our own use. Different brands of lamp beads have relatively large differences in quality and price, so the lighting effects are also significantly different. Pay attention to buying according to demand.

3.Look at the radiator. No matter what kind of lamp you buy, after the lamp has been used for a certain period of time, it must need to dissipate heat, and the temperature of the bulb surface will gradually increase. So when we buy led down light, we should pay attention to the quality of its radiator. The speed of heat dissipation of the radiator will determine the degree of light decay and service life of the led down light. If its radiator is too small, it may cause high temperature to accumulate inside the light source. After a long time of operation, light decay will appear. Fast and short life span. Therefore, when selecting led down lights, we recommend choosing aluminum enclosures. This is because aluminum has a relatively high heat dissipation coefficient and faster heat dissipation, which can ensure the normal lighting of the led down light.

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