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Budget-friendly LED Bulbs for Warehouse

LED Warehouse bulbs are suitable for big open spaces that need bright lighting like workshops, factories, warehouse and other indoor areas. They can brighten the work floor, improve productivity, reduce maintenance and save energy. It's time to go LED bulbs in your warehouse.

Why LEDs for Warehouse Lighting?
Because LEDs are best known in small bulbs, but today the benefits are there for large applications as well.

Cost – pricing on high power led bulbs has come way down. Now, is the perfect time to make your purchases and benefit from the lower power costs. See our page on LED bulbs (12w-120w) for more info.
Energy savings - LEDs use 90% less energy than incandescents, 70% less than metal halide or HPS and 40% less than fluorescent. Ask us about our savings calculator you can share with your company or just to review.
Easy installation - The LEDs are easy to install. They are lighter and more compact than the old fixtures.  Plus features like instant on make them easier to use on a daily basis compared to old tube or metal halides that needed to warm up.
Safety – LEDs are the safest light in the market, as they produce no uv or mercury like other lights.
Low Maintenance - Typically bulbs have to be replaced every few years. With LED, the maintenance can be reduced by 95%.

If you're considering LED Bulbs upgrade for your warehouse, TSL-BT0T1 LED Bulb is your good choice.

Our TSL-BT01  series bulbs range from 12W to 140W. They can work in a temperature environment of -20-60 ℃, and the service life can reach 30,000 hours, and the performance is far better than other bulbs on the market. 

They are composed of PC cover, SMT LED board, Aluminum housing, LED driver, Driver house and E27/E40 lamp holder. These make the TSL-BT01 series bulbs stronger and lighter than other bulbs.
Another factor in upgrading warehouse lighting is the reduced cost and headache of having to get up into the high ceilings to perform maintenance. If you have a number of bulbs to replace anyways, you might consider getting a quote for LED bulbs upgrade.

If you're looking for replacement bulbs or potential LED bulbs upgrade for your warehouse, our lighting specialists are here to help. Contact one of our lighting experts today for guidance on selecting the right product for spot replacements or how to plan out your next LED upgrade. We are manufacturer with 10-year experiences in designing and supplying LED bulb, LED downlight and flood light. Our products are hot selling in Middle East, South America, Southeast Asia and Eastern Europe, because of competitive price, fast delivery and full range of watts. Looking for long-term partnership.

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