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The amount of government procurement of LED products reached 526 million

LED lighting products in the field of government procurement to promote efforts to significantly enhance
Recently, this reporter on the Treasury designated government procurement information dissemination media , " China Financial and Economic News ," bid announcement , " China s Government Procurement News " and " The Chinese government procurement network" in 2013 released publicly LED lighting products in government procurement tenders were itemized summary and statistics. Statistics show that , excluding purchases of information disclosure and other factors is unknown , LED lighting products in government procurement scale in 2013 was 526 million yuan , compared with the previous year to achieve exponentially.

Looking at the 2013 Annual Government Procurement LED lighting market , the main show the following characteristics: rapid growth in the scale of procurement , September purchases hit a new monthly high purchasing scale and breakthrough billion mark ; LED street lights for the procurement of the main categories , Guangdong LED lighting procurement lead country ; contract energy management gradually enter the field of LED lighting .

Prior to purchase large orders are frequent in August last year exceeded the scale of procurement

2013 LED lighting products, purchasing scale showed a rapid growth momentum . Compared with 2012, 262 million yuan purchasing scale , LED lighting products in government procurement scale in 2013 reached 526 million yuan , an increase of nearly 100%. Compared with the first half of 2012 , the first half of 2013 LED lighting products in government procurement scale reached 115 million yuan , an increase of over 100% ; LED lighting products in the third quarter showed growth procurement scale popular , reached 250 million yuan ; Section purchasing the fourth quarter reached $ 160 million , many of them to the National Development and Reform Commission to tackle climate change outside supplies gift items - gifts Dominica solar LED Street subproject million yuan magnitude marked representatives.

Data show that in 2013 LED lighting products distribution and procurement projects imbalance : January continuation of the LED lighting market warms up in the second half of last year s trend, procurement scale reached 22.37 million yuan , February -May market is relatively weak , with 2012 cases Similarly , in June , the market is suddenly heating up , and reached a peak size of the monthly purchase 112.41 million yuan in September , October -December market has stabilized, the average purchase size of 53.4 million .

Year 2013 procurement data from LED lighting products , the reporter found that the first eight months of 2013 over 2012 procurement scale . Analyze the reasons why , not difficult to find , the rapid growth of large single multiple purchases purchasing power scale . Reporters Statistics found subsequently to the central area of Liao Bu Town , Dongguan City, LED street reconstruction and maintenance (EMC) procurement project in 2013 as the representative of the ten standard LED lighting products Procurement ( hereinafter referred to as the "Ten standard" ) , with a total size of 2.9 purchases billion.

Street lights into LED lighting product sourcing procurement absolute main

As LED lighting products purchased absolute main , LED street light not only on the scale of procurement to achieve a breakthrough billion mark , also in innovation procurement has taken a new step .

From procurement of LED lighting products category view , LED lights procurement occupy an absolute advantage in the first half they only broke the billion mark , creating a scale of 103 million yuan purchasing , accounting for 89% LED lighting products, the total size of the purchase . In addition, the breakdown of 2013 marked the ten LED lighting product procurement , purchasing content amazing consistency . In addition to the National Development and Reform Commission to tackle climate change outside supplies gift items - gifts Dominica solar LED lights subproject , the remaining nine were marked cities (counties , districts ) LED street reconstruction project .

Contrast procurement in all regions of LED lighting products , easy to see, LED lighting product sourcing across very uneven pattern of development presented . Among them, Guangdong Province in the procurement scale LED lighting products ahead of the rest of the country . Statistics showed that in 2013 , LED lighting products purchasing scale Guangdong Province reached 357 million yuan , accounting for 68% of the total size of the purchase . Jiangsu Province and Henan Province, respectively, procurement scale of 42.7 million yuan and 41.36 million yuan ranked No. 2 and No. 3 . It is understood that the Guangdong provincial government last May issued a " Guangdong Province to promote the use of LED lighting products implementation plan" ( hereinafter referred to as the "Program" ) . " Plan " put forward three years the popularity of LED lighting, public lighting , the first in the field of public lighting , lighting engineering fields that finance roads, public spaces, government agencies, state-owned or state-owned enterprises , such as capital investment and construction , completion of LED lighting products application . New lighting all over the field with LED lights, garden lights and landscape lights and other lighting products. Industry experts believe that the introduction of the "program" , not only can pull directly LED lighting industry development, stimulating economic growth in Guangdong Province , but also to better promote the transformation of economic structure , Guangdong Province , to achieve energy reduction targets.

Energy management contract emerge

" China s Government Procurement News " reporter combing the year 2013 the Government Procurement LED lighting project found that there are a number of large energy-saving LED lighting projects selected contract energy management, energy management contract for the promotion and application in the field of government procurement of open ground . Including South Yao Autonomous County of Guangdong Province with energy-saving LED lights Services procurement projects ( hereinafter referred to as " Lian South Project " ) and Guangdong Province Pingyuan County Municipal Utility Management Center LED lights transform EMC procurement contract management mode ( hereinafter referred to as " Ping Yuan project " ) and Dongguan , Guangdong Province, the first municipal pipe sections of LED street reconstruction project ( hereinafter referred to as " Dongguan project " ) and other projects.

From the operation of the project , despite three major projects in Guangdong Province with LED lights energy-saving projects , and while using the contract energy management mode operation , but its mode of operation still has some differences. Even the number of energy-saving lamps reconstruction project south of about 1600 , and its return on investment in the tender documents were clearly defined : from the date of acceptance of the project payback period of not more than 96 months, winning the final years of life to the successful tenderer shall prevail . Successful units polymerization saving Technology Co., Ltd. of Shenzhen City payback period to 94 months of winning . And even South project to the successful return on investment as key indicators differ in Pingyuan project, CIC Energy Technology Co., Ltd. in Guangzhou and Dongguan City Branch Lei Digital Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd. ( Commonwealth ) ultimately amounts to 18.5 million yuan bid. Disclosure of information at the same time winning : 8-year period, the total amount of 21.56 million yuan share , including share purchase 2.78 million yuan , 18.78 million yuan share bid .

In fact, the implementation of the several different modes , just different types of applications of energy management contract model. Insiders said that in the behind -related policies , contract energy management model will help the development of LED lighting industry . Through the use of contract energy management, technical risks pass users and business risks, LED lighting products are considered open government procurement markets a weapon.

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