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How to choose the high quality flood light

Prior to the installation of any kind of lamps, preparations must be made. In order to ensure the quality of the LED lamps after installation, it is recommended to inspect the LED lamps in detail before installation to see whether they are damaged and whether the accessories are complete.  The tools that will be used in the installation process, and determine the installation position, and whether the project light product and its parts are damaged.  You are ready to install. 


However, there are a few things to pay attention to when installing LED flood light, which is related to the normal use of the lamp and personal safety: 


1, The lamp is waterproof and moisture-proof design, its protection grade can reach IP65.  Can withstand the test of rain from above but can not be immersed in underwater work, its protection level does not meet the requirements of underwater work. 


2. The installation position of the lamp must have a large enough bearing capacity, which should be able to bear more than 10 times the weight of the drive. 


3, The lamp working power supply is high voltage AC, should be far away from the crowd easy to reach the place, and do a good job of the lamp grounding processing, must ground wire. 


4, The lamp is a power type equipment, and is very sensitive to the environment temperature, the working environment temperature is higher than 45°C when its life will be significantly reduced, and accompanied by light decay serious surface signs.  Therefore, the lamps and lanterns should be placed in a ventilated place, to keep the lamps and lanterns have good heat dissipation environmental conditions. 


5. The ambient temperature of lamps and lanterns should be between -25°C and +45°C.  The temperature in the workplace must not exceed 45°C to ensure the service life of the lamps. 


6. Due to the large power of the lamps, the power cable should be selected according to the actual power and divided into phase power supply. 


In recent years, LED flood light is very popular in outdoor landscape lighting. It stands out in the increasingly fierce engineering lighting products because of its characteristics.  But do the selection of lamps or carefully screened, choose good quality products have more advantages.  Panda lighting's LED flood lamp series, mainly using a new modular design, module gap between the formation of air convection, further improve the heat dissipation effect.  At the same time, due to the use of modular design, can also achieve on-site maintenance, for the customer later maintenance is very convenient, and has been used in many engineering projects and the effect of verification.  In the following light TSL-FL018 as an example, from six aspects to introduce what is a good LED light. 

Why choose TSL-FL018 flood lamp

1. Appearance

The surface of flood lamp FL018 is sprayed with powder and paint, which has beautiful and smooth appearance and high corrosion resistance.

2, security

 The lamp uses IP66 light source module, IP66 driving power, super high waterproof grade,  super high waterproof grade, safe and efficient. 


3, lighting 

 TSL-FL018 adopts high-quality LED light source, reliable and stable performance, overall light efficiency ≥150Lm/ W, more green and energy saving;  The new and optimized optical design, while improving the optical performance, to ensure uniform light and no stray light, uniform venue lighting. 

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